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Reliable Sump Pump Systems For Your Basement Near Portage La Prairie, Brandon, Winnipeg

old sump pump and newly installed sump pump in Pickerel NarrowsWhen your basement is continuously being flooded, you are in the market for a sump pump system to remove that reoccurring water. But certain questions arise. What type of pump is best for your particular situation? Do I need one pump or two? What if the power goes out during a storm?

There's quite a bit to consider when looking into a sump pump system.  So, the more you know, the smarter final decision you can make.

As a member of the Basement Systems International Network, BlueMaxx Basement Systems has the support of the largest waterproofing contractor network in the world. They use the most proven, reliable sump systems on the market, and they benefit from the knowledge, research, and experiences of waterproofers all over the world. For a free sump pump installation estimate in MB, call or e-mail BlueMaxx Basement Systems today!

We service all of Manitoba including Winnipeg, Arnot, Brandon, Brochet, Dauphin, Island Lake, Little Grand Rapids, Lynn Lake, Melita, Nunalla, Port Nelson, Russell, Swan River and other nearby areas..

Parts to a sump pump systemWhat Makes Up a Sump Pump System?

A sump pump system that is reliable and can be counted on to do it's job, is made up of many different, important parts. A reliable sump pump needs an airtight liner and legs or stands to keep the pump off of that liner so it can run smoothly and effectively. The whole system should have a proper discharge unit and it should be quiet, effective, and be able to drain water quickly without clogging. But being an electrically-powered system, what happens when there is no power?

Learn more about the parts of a sump pump system. 

A Sump Pump Installation in Progress in HighrockThe System Installation

What will happen when we install a sump pump system in your basement? Our professional contractors will dig a trench around the interior perimeter of your basement. A bed of small stones is laid down and the drain is laid on top. After a sump pump pit is installed, a discharge line is run from the pump to the outside. Our high-grade sump pump systems includes everything needed  in order to start getting your basement dry and comfortable.

Read more about our sump pump installations.

cast-iron sump pumpsOur Patented Sump Pump Systems

BlueMaxx Basement Systems only uses patented, award-winning, Zoeller pumps in all our waterproofing systems. Being a member of the Basement Systems network, we have an extensive inventory of primary pumps, secondary pumps, and battery backup pumps. We also have a unique crawl space sump pump, completely compatible with our vapour barrier system. Our pumps have a cast-iron design, sturdy liners, and sophisticated sump pump alarms to alert you of failure and pump shut-down.

Find out more about our available sump pump systems.

battery backup sump pump system in PukatawaganBackup Pumps

There are many reasons why your pumping system may shut down. Whether it's a mechanical failure, a power outage or clogging, a failed system means one thing: a flooded basement or crawl space. And if you are not at home when your sump pump fails, by the time you find out about the downed system, it's already too late. Backup and battery backup pumps can give you the peace of mind that your basement will be dry all the time.

Read up on our backup and battery backup sump pump systems.

Cast-Iron Zoeller Sump PumpShopping Tips

We are not the only suppliers of sump pumps and sump pump systems on the market. There are quite a few out there. And the models are numerous. When you have a choice between submersible sump pumps, pedestal pumps, water-powered sump pumps, and "floor sucker" models, what pump do you choose? And what makes our pumps the choice to make?

Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of different sump pump models.

Failed Sump Pump and a Flooded BasementKeep Your Sump Pump Serviced!

Being made up of different parts like any other household appliance, a sump pump needs attention and servicing now and again in order for it to run properly and not break down. BlueMaxx Basement Systems has a complete service team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that you can keep your system running in optimal condition. With one short visit, they can clean your sump pump, test the system, and make sure that all parts are ready and able to keep your basement or crawl space dry.

Learn about servicing your sump pump system!

FREE Installation Quote!

If you live in Winnipeg, Arnot, Brandon, Brochet, Dauphin, Island Lake, Little Grand Rapids, Lynn Lake, Melita, Nunalla, Port Nelson, Russell, or Swan River, BlueMaxx Basement Systems would like to offer you a free, no-obligation sump pump installation estimate and written quote.

Before each estimate, we provide each of our customers with a free, full-color copy of one of our 88-page books: "Dry Basement Science" or "Crawl Space Science" so that you may learn about what goes on under your floor. If you'd like to learn about how to fix your wet basement and reclaim it for storage or living space, call or contact BlueMaxx Basement Systems today!

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