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Smarter Foundation Protection with Logix

When it comes to insulating and protecting your home or commercial foundation, the Logix Insulated Concrete Forms from BlueMaxx Basement Systems is your top choice. ICF Foundations is an incredibly durable, eco-friendly option for smarter foundation protection. Logix ICF system not only provides greater R-value than standard insulation, but cuts costs on energy bills and improves comfort in your home or building. Whether you're repairing an existing structure or starting from scratch, our foundation specialists can design and build an ICF foundation perfect for your construction project.

What is ICF?

  • Thick Foam Insulation: Two compact Logix Pro foam panels enclose the structure, providing wall to wall protection at an R-Value of R-25.
  • Low Air Infiltration: ICF foundations provides 60% more protection against air infiltration than a standard wall. The reinforced concrete adds to the thermal performance of the foam insulation, while assuring a draft-free and cozy home.
  • Thermal Lag: ICF Foundations provides a 5-day thermal lag or delay in which heat is transmitted into your structure.
  • Durable: The reinforced concrete in our ICF Foundation system guards against fires and hurricanes, with the added benefit of incredible soundproofing capabilities.
  • Soundproofing: The reinforced concrete reduces sound contamination from the outside, providing maximized energy efficiency and tranquility. 

Dependable durability

Standard foundation insulation decays, allowing for thermal bridging, and can be installed with gaps – both of which leaves your home vulnerable to the climate outside and drives up your energy bills.

With Logix Insulated Concrete Forms, your home or building is outfitted with wall to wall, continuous protection that allows for a lifetime R-Value of R-28.

Unmatched protection

Standard insulation also cannot protect against disasters, while the reinforced concrete of ICF Foundations can, providing unmatched protection against winds up to 300 miles per hour, has a four-hour fire protection rating and will not rot away with exposure to moisture.

Safe and eco-friendly design

Insulation is manufactured with adhesives and chemicals that present significant health risks from long-term exposure. Also, as standard insulation installations are susceptible to high moisture levels, they are a breeding ground for dangerous mold growth and wood rot.

Logix Insulated Concrete forms have an eco-friendly design that is healthier, non-toxic and doesn't release gas. Since there are no nutrient sources within the ICF system, it is not susceptible to mold growth or wood rot and provides the added benefit of sound protection for a boost in tranquility. 

We offer free quotes on our ICF Foundation services

With BlueMaxx Basement Systems of Manitoba, we offer unique foundation solutions for commercial and residential buildings. We understand protection, health and performance is important, which is why we offer our superior Logix Insulated Concrete Forms to your foundation needs. We promise a lasting protection, that will do more than standard insulation and reduce your utility bills. 

We would like to offer you a FREE foundation repair quote for your home. We proudly serve Greater Winnipeg, including Winnipeg, Brandon, Portage La Prairie and many areas nearby.

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